Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Bilingual News

From Driggs, Idaho

Dear Friends:

Hello! How are you? Today we begin the sixth month of the year: June. Did you realize we are ending the first semester of 2008? In short time, the shops will put out their warehouses of the stuff of the last Christmas they didn’t sell to try to sell this year as brand-new gifts and Happy-Holidays cards.

¡Hola! ¿Cómo está? Hoy comenzamos el sexto mes del año: junio. ¿Se ha dado cuenta que estamos terminando el primer semetre del 2008? En corto plazo, las tiendas van a poner fuera de sus depósitos las cosas de la última Navidad que no vendieron para tratar de venderlas este año como flamantes regalos y tarjetas de “Felices Fiestas”.

Several days ago, somebody asked me to write something about “green power”. We know the change of the climate is producing panic in special for its consequences in the natural environment, more heat in the atmosphere, sharper variations of the weather than before, and hard storms in different points of the planet. The green power could help to reduce pollution and gives us a friendly environment.

Días atrás, alguien me pidió que escribiera algo sobre la “energía verde”. Nosotros sabemos que el cambio de clima está produciendo pánico en especial por sus consecuencias en el medio ambiente, más calor en la atmósfera, más bruscas variaciones del tiempo que antes, y duras tormentas en diferentes puntos del planeta. La energía verde podría ayudar a reducir la polución y darnos un medio ambiente más amigable.

But there are some pending questions:
- What is the best alternative source of energy for us?
-How much the change from the traditional energy sources to the renewable, non-polluting sources?
- Are all the alternative sources really “green”?

Pero hay algunas preguntas pendientes:
- ¿Cuál es la mejor alternativa de fuente de energía para nosotros?
- ¿Cuánto cuesta el cambio de las fuentes de energía tradicionales a las fuentes renovables, sin polución?
- ¿Son todas las fuentes de energía alternativa realmente “verdes”?

For the other side, the panic for the hurricanes and cyclones, plus the “propaganda” of the investors in new green power technologies push and push. It is a good idea to begin now in the development of green power solutions but it is not right to put all the negative waves in the fears of the change of the climate. Since the ancient times, the world suffers cyclones, hurricanes and hard sea storms.

Por otro lado, el pánico por los huracanes y ciclones, más la “propaganda” de los inversores en las nuevas tecnologías de energía verde empujan y empujan. Es una buena idea comenzar ahora en el desarrollo de soluciones de energía verde, pero no es correcto poner todas las ondas negativas en los temores del cambio del clima. Desde la antigüedad, el mundo sufre ciclones, huracanes y duras tormentas de mar.

Special regards


Dr. Domingo A. Trassens
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Vocabulary - Vocabulario:

- change = cambio
- climate = clima
- cyclone = ciclón
- environment = medio ambiente
- green energy = energía verde
- green power = energía verde
- hurricane = huracán
- heat = calor
- pollution = polución, contaminación del medio ambiente
- power (in the case of electricity) = energía, fuerza (en el caso de electricidad)
- weather = tiempo

What ideas do you have about the “green power”? Please, express them using your Spanish vocabulary.

¿Qué ideas tiene usted acerca de la “energía verde? Por favor expréselas su vocabulario español.


Thanks Bev, Bob, Diane, Mary, Jenns for your last comments.



Members of Spanish English Club said...

Mi español es demasiado malo por explicar mis pensamientos, pero el grande pensador Stephen Jay Gould [here I switch to English] said that geologists don’t worry about global warming because they deal with deep time during which there have been many extreme climate changes.

Still, I worry about the suffering of those caught in the storms that really do seem to be getting more extreme, and those caught in the widening deserts of the world. I think the solution, though, may not be green power but less power. We waste way more energy than we did when I was young. We should conserve even when oil prices are reasonably low, just on principle.


Members of Spanish English Club said...

Hola, Dr. Trassens:

First off, if we, as humans, would control our reproduction--things would slow down in the use of energies that we are slowly, but surely depleting. We are reproducing faster now than ever; diseases are hungering for our bodies and we are dying faster due to our bodies becoming immune to antibiotics. New germs are producing faster than we can make antibiotics to fight them off--thus, a dying breed-at some point.

Now, the use of our natural resources is that we abuse the opportunity to use them and don't conserve as one should--the ozone is being destroyed--thus, weather changes are beginning to happen that we haven't experienced for hundreds of years. The atmosphere is being destroyed by our misuse of our resources and OVERUSE of them as well. We are a greedy lot--thus, we pay the price.


Tina Faye Jarvis