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Weekly Bilingual News

Dear Friends:

Hello! Welcome to a new weekly communication from the Spanish-English Club with a brief analysis of the main events and news of the last few days to help the members of the Club in your bilingual practice.

¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a una nueva comunicación semanal del Spanish-English Club con un breve análisis de los principales acontecimientos y noticias de los últimos dias para ayudar a los miembros del Club en su práctica bilingüe.

This is the English version of the issue. We suggest you try to rewrite it in Spanish. Later, we will complete the issue with the Spanish part of this Weekly Bilingual News.

On Monday, October 18, in France, strikers defied a government order to stop blockading the country’s oil refineries. More than 1,500 gas stations had fuel shortage. The incidents in the European country began with the complains of labor groups and students who want to stop the proposed retirement age change from 60 to 62 years old. What is your opinion about this subject that is producing a lot of noise in the streets of the main French cities?

El lunes 18 de octubre, en Francia, huelguistas desafiaron una orden del gobierno de para el bloqueo de las refinerías de petróleo del país. Más de 1.500 estaciones de gasolina tenía escasez de combustible.

About this point we wrote in the PBS Blog the following comment: French protesters are dreamers from the golden ages. They didn’t realize the retirement plans of the past don’t plug with the math of today.  It is a common problem to all the countries with their big population growing old.” Domingo A. Trassens.

On Tuesday, October 19, insurgents made a deadly attack on Chechen Parliament killing 6 people and injured 17 in Grozny. The violence was unleashed by Islamist militants in the Russian Republic of Chechnya. The attackers yelled “Allah Akbar” (“God is Greatest”). Is the Chechen God a War God? The ethnic and religious problems are not new in Russian’s North Caucasus region.

El martes 19 de octubre, insurgentes dieron un ataque mortal en el Parlamento Checheno matando a 6 personas e hiriendo a 17 en Grozny.

On Wednesday, October 20, Apple unveiled an all new MacBook Air, the first of a next generation of notebooks which will replace mechanical hard disks and optical drives with Internet services and solid state flash storage. Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple, is taking a new step to reinvent their notebooks. From the other side, some few days ago, Seagate, the first world hard-disk manufacturer, showed symptoms that the classic disk drive industry is in trouble from emerging technologies that take sides in the storage business.

El miércoles 20 de octubre, Apple presentó una totalmente nueva MacBook Air, la primera de la próxima generación de computadores móviles los cuales remplazarán discos duros mecánicos y discos ópticos por servicios de Internet y almacenamiento flash de estado sólido.

Also on Wednesday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, gave orders for riot police to clear blockades from the country’s oil refineries while more gas stations ran dry due to the protests. 

También el miércoles, el Presidente Francés Nicolás Sarkozy dio órdenes a la policia anti-motines para abrir los bloqueos de ls refinerías de petróleo del país mientras muchas estaciones de gasolínas estaban sin combustible debido a las protestas.

In other news, United Kingdom government said it is taking new austerity measures to make a dramatic cut in their new budget to tackle the country’s mounting deficit. Together the problems of France and UK show that old Europe continues immersed in difficult fiscal problems.

En otra noticia, el Gobierno del Reino Unido dijo que está tomando nuevas medidas de austeridad para poner un dramático corte en su nuevo presupuesto que enfrente el creciente defícit del país.

On Thursday, October 21, NATO and Afghan troops reported important advances in the Taliban stronghold area of Kandshar by deploying a new mobile rocket and disrupting militant supply lines. In other news about this war, some analysts talk about a possible peace treaty is running well. Could you imagine Taliban militants accepting key changes in the social rules of the country with women going to school and more open behaviors in the society? Do you remember when the Taliban was ruling Afghanistan?

El jueves 21 de octubre, tropas de la NATO y afganas reportaron importantes avances en el bastión Talibán de Kandshar.

On Friday, October 22, the United States offered a new $2 billion aid package to Pakistan in a plan to reduce recent tensions between the two nations. Since the Afghan war began, the US is giving money and other assistance to the Pakistani government. Do you think it is possible to buy the friendship of the Pakistanis with money? 

El viernes 22 de octubre, los Estados Unidos ofrecieron un nuevo paquete de ayuda de dos mil millones de dólares a Pakistán.

Also on Friday, Wall Street Journal wrote an interesting article with the opinion of the Eli Harari, CEO of SanDisk, about the current advance of the flash memory, We added the following comments: “In the technology arena, nobody can buy the “future”. At all times innovations and emerging technologies change the direction of current businesses, but a lot of responsible strong players of the semiconductor industry has predicted the flash memory will continue taking sides in the classic hard disk segment. For this reason, I like your analysis about Eli Harari’s comments.” Domingo A. Trassens.

También el viernes, Wall Street Journla escribió un interesante artículo con la opinión de Eli Harari, jefe ejecutivo de SanDisk, acerca del actual avance de las memorias flash.

The main indexes of Wall Street closed the week in positive territory despite decline of the Friday’s session. For the last five days of financial operations, Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 69.78 points, or 0.63% this week to 11132.56. Nasdaq Composite gained 10.62 points or 0.43% in the same period, to close at 2479.39. S&P 500 added 6.89 points, or 0.59%, to 1183.08.

Los principales índices de Wall Street cerraron la semana en territorio positivo a pesar de la declinación de la sesión del viernes.

During the last week, on the domestic side, the November’s midterm elections continued at the top of press comments and TV debates. Everybody is talking about the social and economic crisis for the country. Colorado, California, Nevada, and Florida continue in the first list of the political observers. Will the Republicans take the control of the US House of Representatives? Will the balance of power change in the Senate? How many states will change the color of the governor seats? 

Durante la última semana, en el ámbito interno, las elecciones de mediados de período de noviembre continuaron el tope de los comentarios de prensa y los debates de la televisión.

Also in the last few days, important companies reported their financial results of the quarter ended during the last days of September or the first days of October with mixed figures and announcing more job cuts - Nokia, Xerox...- to improve their incomes and reduce expenditures. In summary, the week showed the economy and social issues are the most important concerns of the people in the United States and other western countries. After years of bubbles, also the growing rates are slowing in China.

También en los últimos días, importantes compañías informaron sus resultados financieros del trimestre finalizado durante los últimos días de septiembre o los primeros días de octubre con resultados mixtos y anunciando más cortes de trabajo.

Due to the confusion that reign about what are the solutions for the economic crisis, some American analysts suggest to reduce the salary of the employees. We answer to this subjection with the following comment: You can not reduce the salary amount of workers who are earning $7.25 the hour working less than 40 hours per week and paying their own transportation, uniform and other expenditures to go to their work. What do you expect?  Do you expect more slaves?”  Domingo A. Trassens, PBS Blog, October 23, 2010.

Debido a la confusión que reina acerca de las soluciones para la crisis económica, algunos analistas americanos sugieren reducir los salarios de los empleados.

What is your summary of the week? What were the most important events from your point of view? Please explain them in a bilingual mode.

¿Cuál es vuestro resumen de la semana? ¿Cuáles fueron los más importantes acontecimientos desde vuestro punto de vista? Por favor explíquenlos en un modo bilingüe.

 All the best,


Domingo A. Trassens
Spanish-English Club
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Questions - Preguntas:

1) From your point of view, what was the worst news for the last week?

1) Desde vuestro punto de vista, ¿cuál fue la peor noticia de la última semana?

2) And what was the best news from the last week?

2) ¿Y cuál fue la mejor noticia de la última semana?

Vocabulary - Vocabulario:

- blockade = bloqueo
- Chechen = checheno 
- governor = gobernador, gobernadora
- immerse = sumergir
- oil refineries = refinerías de petróleo
- Chechen Parlament = Parlamento Checheno
- Chechnya = Chechenia
- refinery = refinería
- reign = reinar
- riot = motín, disturbio
- shortage = escasez, falta
- tackle = enfrentar
- unleash = desatar
- yell = gritar


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