Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Bilingual News

From Driggs, Idaho

Dear Friends:

Today is the first Sunday of 2008. It is the day of Three Wise Men (
Los Reyes Magos), the last official day of the Holiday Season.

Here in the Teton Valley, it is snowing since Friday evening again. We have frequent snow storms. When the wind blows, big clouds of white powder – the snow – fly over the valley.

Since yesterday night, the authorities closed all the routes (caminos) in the area. The snow storms also are hitting (
castigando, golpeando) Salt Lake City in Utah, Denver in Colorado, the Swan Valley in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

By the way, Salt Lake City Airport is the most important international airport in the region. Denver is a huge airport with a lot of technology to clean the snow of the airplanes but it is farther than Salt Lake City.

I have the experience of a snow storm in the Denver Airport during a trip to the Lexmark's laser cartridges manufacturing plant in Boulder, Colorado, 10 years ago. The flights continued despite the snow and the white wind.


During the last days, I improved the story about the drops of water that didn’t fall from the roof because they had frozen before. I included more details, several help questions and also other pictures. I think it is a good material to help you in the bilingual practice. You can read it at:

Meanwhile, I am working in a new fascinating story about the Venetian masks (máscaras). Do you know how these masks look? Do you know about the Italian Carnival (
Carnaval) in the city of the channels and gondolas? Do you know about love stories in Italian Venice (Venecia)? Did you watch any thriller movie with the scene of the channels and the older houses next to the water? Did you walk any time for the smaller streets of Venice or did you feed the doves (palomas) of the San Marco’s Square (Plaza de San Marcos)?

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, maybe with better weather than here.

All the best,


Dr. Domingo A. Trassens
Always, my virtual doors are opened for you at
my e-mail:



Here you have several pictures to create your own stories about the Venetian masks in Spanish language.

Vocabulario / Vocabulary

- máscara: mask

- Venecia: Venice

- carnaval: carnival

¿Conoce alguna historia acerca del Carnaval en Venecia?

¿Ha visto máscaras de Venecia?

¿Qué siente cuando ve una persona con una máscara en su cara?

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