Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weekly Bilingual News - Special Edition

Dear Friends:

During the last few weeks, special professional compromises didn't give us a moment to write the normal Weekly Bilingual News in time. Please, excuse us!

Meanwhile, we would like to share with you the last comment we posted on the Journal Community pages of the Wall Street Journal Online about the WikiLeaks case: 

Story: Hackers Strike Back to Support WikiLeaks 

Comment: As I said before in a previous comment, WikiLeaks is the start of a diabolic project that will destroy more “Walls” than the Berlin Wall, changing the political relationships of all the world, “uncovering” the secrets of the most hermetic regimes, showing the “dirty” deals among countries, and putting in difficult situations to more than one of the current leaders of the Planet. Domingo A. Trassens (Dec.8, 2010)

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Domingo A. Trassens
Spanish-English Club
December 8, 2010

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